Lescolton Smart Hair Curler Iron

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– New smart two-sided barber with direct volume.

– Combination of dry, straight and curly hair allows you to instantly change from wet hair.

– Dry hair and styling are done at the same time, 5 times faster than the air cylinder.

– It can effectively maintain hair moisture and can make hair more shiny without damaging it.

– Double-sided rotating roller.

– Brush for negative ions.

– Black titanium coating.

– Heating in four stages.

– Direct hair wetting function: moisture evaporates in the blink of an eye, the heating roller easily removes excess water, cold air enters the air hole, and the roller pulls into cold air to help remove moisture.

Basic parameters
Material: ceramic
White color
1 year warranty
Certification: CE, FCC
Weight: 1.02 kg


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