Lescolton Global®

In 2019, Lescolton and Elos Me teamed up to make beauty easier, through radically better electronic devices. At Lescolton and Elos Me we want to inspire our clients with a powerful fusion of science and beauty that improves health and confidence. We do this by providing innovative products with the highest standards of safety and efficacy. With a multi-benefit platform anchored in delivering clinical results, Lescolton & Elos Me offers hair and skin care products.

The Company’s products are based on clinically proven technologies derived from the professional market of medical cosmetic devices, enabling patients to achieve professional results in a home environment.

About Elos Me®

Elos Me Ltd. is the inventor of Elight, a technology suitable for all types of skin and hair. The company’s products are based on clinically proven technologies derived from the professional aesthetic medical device market, enabling patients to achieve professional-like results at home.

About Lescolton®

Lescolton is a pioneer in the design, development and distribution of aesthetic energy-based consumer products. The company’s technology enables users to enjoy advanced at-home care solutions for laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction, as well as laser hair regrowth treatments. The new Lescolton hair removal system is powered by the famous and exclusive Elos Me technology.

Lescolton & Elos Me is based in San Francisco.

For further information: Hugo Goldman, Chief Financial Officer, Elos Me, hugo.goldman@elosme.com; Zack Kubow, Lescolton Global, +1 (415) 598-5665, zkubow@lescoltonglobal.com; Adam Fisher, Media Relations Manager, +1 (415) 598-5665, adam.fisher@lescoltonglobal.com; Dario Ottaviano, Spain and South America Country Manager, +34 626 613 382, dottaviano@lescoltonglobal.com.

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Safe Shopping

Our company is constantly fighting the fraudulent machine imitation business. In no case do we recommend buying on sales platforms such as Ebay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Groupon or Amazon, except if the product is sold directly by Amazon and not by an Amazon seller. Any machine purchased on any of these platforms has no guarantee whatsoever. A very low price or the lack of the 4-year warranty are clear indicators of an imitation. The use of fake machines can be unsafe as well as being ineffective.