Lescolton T012C Icecool Epilator. Powered by Elos Me

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Permanent epilation device plus skin rejuvenator function. Powered by the Elos Me dual technology

Benefits of the new Lescolton Ice Effect System epilator 
The new cooling technology patented by Elos Me helps to: reduce the temperature of the skin’s surface during hair removal to relieve swelling and pain caused by high temperature, repair the skin, quickly shrink pores, relax the skin and let your skin return to the normal state.

Our Lescolton Elos Me epilator is covered by a 4-year warranty, including the unlimited shots / flashes, only for purchases made through the manufacturer´s official stores: and
In case of malfunction, we replace your machine with a new one and shipping costs are covered by our company.

– Ice technology for a more comfortable treatment.
– Elos cartridge with 350,000 pulses. Free replacement cartridge during the 4-year warranty period.
– Skin rejuventation cartridge with 100,000 pulses.
– LCD display.
– 5 energy levels.
– Dual operation mode: automatic or manual operation mode.
– Suitable for the whole body.
– Maximum optical power: 19 J / cm².
– Elos ligth IPL
– Skin rejuvenation ligth
– Pulse Light repetition rate: up to 1.1 Hz (1 pulse every 0.9 second)
– Light wavelength: 550 – 1200 nm
– Skin wavelength:600-1100 nm
– Treatment window: 1.41 inches – 3,6 cm² approx.
– Precision unit for facial use with a treatment window of 0,89 inches – 2 cm approx.
– Universal Voltage: 110-220V. It works with power cord
– Product weight:1,1 kg

The first and only two-in-one device
What does a two-in-one device mean?
Lescolton by Elos Me is not only a device for permanent hair removal but also for skin rejuvenation.
Dual Technology: Elos Light IPL plus SR, making it the only epilator in the market good for skin rejuvenation and hair removal at the same time. Designed by Elos Me, the inventors of IPL.

The first and only device suitable for all skin and hair types
Lescolton Infinity by Elos Me is suitable for absolutely all hair colors (including blonde, red, grey and white hairs) and all skin tones (including black). Lescolton by Elos Me uses professional Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) elight technology, which works inside pores, destroying hair papilla, thus achieving permanent hair removal.

Infinite pulses/shots guaranteed
During the 4-year warranty period, we guarantee unlimited pulses. The cartridge is replaced for free if it is necessary.

Fast and efficient treatment
Fast speed allows you to treat a full body in just 30 minutes (arms,legs,bikini line,underarms,back and chest). Over 80% of hair is affected in just 2 months in most cases. After 4-6 months of use the unwanted hair disappears completely.

Operation Modes
The first and only device with 2 operation modes, automatic and manual. In manual operation mode, shooting must be activated manually, as with any machine for normal permanent hair removal. In the automatic operation mode, the shot will be emitted automatically when the handpiece rests on the skin. The efficiency of choosing auto operation is 30% faster than manual.

Painless IPL eligth Epilator
The Lescolton Painless IPL elight epilator has five adjudstable optimal energy levels according to the skin tolerance, providing the gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without hurting the skin.

Safe Shopping.
Our company is constantly fighting fraud and the fake machine copying business. In no case do we recommend buying on sales platforms such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Groupon or Amazon, except in the case of direct sales from Amazon itself. Any machine purchased on any of these platforms has no guarantee whatsoever. A very low price or the lack of the 4-year warranty are clear indicators of false copying. The use of fake machines can be unsafe as well as being ineffective.

Included with your purchase
+ 4-year warranty including unlimited pulses
+ We replace your machine in case of malfunction
+ Free Eye Protection
+ Free Skin Rejuvenator cartridge
+ Free Worldwide Shipping
+ 90 day money-back guarantee


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