Lescolton High Quality Best Professional Hair Dryer LS-115

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1. Balanced and lightweight, ergonomic design.

2. Helps prevent extreme heat damage and protect natural luster.

3. Unique 3D airflow – airflow path to optimize the shape.

4. Quick styling, maximum gloss and smooth lines.

5. Perfect styling temperature – optimized for long lasting style.

6. lonic technology to reduce damage, speed up drying and enhance gloss.

7. High performance low noise and long life motor.

8. 6-speed LED controlled speed setting-suitable for any hair type or styling needs.

9. Switch between hot and cold air.

10. Smooth concentrator and abundance diffuser.

11. Touch type wind.

Basic Params:
1. The hair dryer helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect the natural sheen. Air temperature is measured 20 times per second to control the temperature.

2. Higher Quality Inner Plastic Shell makes it drop-proof, waterproof and dust-proof; Purer PU outer surface makes it Anti-scratch , Moistureproof and dust-proof.


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